TRI-CAPTURE, UA-33: Software and Driver Installation

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There are two software items that you will need to install from the included TRI-CAPTURE Driver DVD-ROM and the Sonar X1 LE DVD-ROM:

  • TRI-CAPTURE (UA-33) Driver
  • Sonar X1 LE Software

Before Installing

  1. When installing, you must log on as a user with administrative privileges on your computer.
  2. Quit all software on your computer and close system monitoring/anti-virus software. If system monitoring software such as anti-virus programs are installed on your computer, you must close them until you've finished installing the driver.
  3. Disconnect any USB connecting devices except your keyboard and mouse. This includes the TRI-CAPTURE, any hubs, external drives, etc.
  4. Insert the TRI-CAPTURE Driver DVD-ROM into your computer’s CD or DVD drive.

Driver Installation

  1. On the TRI-CAPTURE DVD-ROM, open the Drivers folder, and then open the folder for your computer’s operating system.
  2. Double-click the installer (“Setup.exe”) file to begin the driver installation.
  3. Follow the instructions onscreen and connect the TRI-CAPTURE hardware when you're prompted to do so.

Sonar X1 LE Software Installation

  1. On the Sonar X1 LE DVD-ROM, open the "Install" folder, and then double-click on the installer (“Setup.exe”) file.
  2. Follow the instructions onscreen to complete the installation.


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